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The message that seemed to be prevalent throughout the movie was a sisterhood.No, not your parents’ daughters, we’re talking about your friends. As we grow up and sometimes apart, it can be difficult keeping in contact with the women we love and sometimes can’t stand.Because if you go on the site, you’ll find a lot of avatars adorned with a simple drawing of a woman’s face and a confidential finger over pursed pink lips, with the promise of additional "Private Showcase" photos, viewable only if the member sends you a "key." Many profiles are eloquent and demure, asking men to compose thoughtful missives and to refrain from sending erection photos.But a number are either fake, or appear to be from sex workers, or are written like the following: "to have a well built guy with a huge spear shove it in my tight MILF [orifice not anatomically designed for sexual intercourse] in front of my husband all night long!!!!!!!!It’s impossible to do EVERYTHING alone, which is why we all have a set of strengths and gifts that are unique to “just us”. I just want to know if and where decent gentlemen hang out? Are they in the produce aisle at the grocery store? Self-care is a word that recently has gotten a lot of buzz and there are many ways to view and define self-care, but I like to use the definition provided by Fort Garry Women’s Resource Centre who defined self-care as…Are they teaching adolescents swimming lessons at the YMCA? There is something to be said about a woman who can find revelation in scripture AND in hip hop lyrics; a woman whose essence lies somewhere between Proverbs 31 and Biggie’s definition of ‘style and grace’; the woman who Dre…What, exactly, is compelling these married women to set up "sexy dates" in droves, aside from easy Internet access?

Married men go out all the time with the boys....seems like women can go out with the girls too, married or not.So many people live their life unfulfilled not achieving any of their dreams.So many people are working jobs that don’t take advantage of their skills or challenge them to grow. Tiffany Haddish won over millions of women (30 million to be exact) when we all flooded movie theaters everywhere to watch the highly-anticipated film, Girls Trip.If you don't trust your wife to do this, then perhaps you shouldn't be married. When I was ummm, in my thirties I spent every single weekend, both nights, and sometimes Thursday nights in the bar.I loved it, and my husband NEVER had a problem with it.I’m carpet bombing them with the same boilerplate message, suggesting, with unsurpassed creativity and seductiveness, that we get together for a drink.