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Sure, most of the people in the cast ostracize her and refuse to accept her, but they should really just thank her for making the show what it is today. She never holds back and she doesn’t have a boring bone in her whole body.If anyone is doing this reality TV thing right, it’s Danni Baird.Though he remained tight-lipped as to which lady struck his fancy, the South Carolina native has thought about settling down one day.

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Beneath the words, behind their motivation, you can find a treasure trove of data about what people are after.“Which means that if you can look past the literal meaning of language, and learn to read the matrix of goals that drive the people you interact with, you’ll have a huge advantage in this world.In all honesty Southern Charm would be nothing without Kathryn Dennis.If Kathryn did not show up for Season 1, there is no chance that this show would have made it to a second season.Plus, we get to see most of the cast in their swimsuits, so that's always a plus.For a bunch of spoilers and details on each of the cast members for season 4, click through our cast gallery.Bravo welcomes back the lads and ladies of the low country when “Southern Charm” season four premieres ...